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1996 – 2008

    FURCLAP is an archaic word of Carnic origin. Literally it means "out of stone" but it was used to indicate intentional or accidental trespassing from the boundary furrows when ploughing the fields. The term was adopted because besides having an Anglo-Saxon sound (“fur”-clap as “four”-claps) it also represents our attitude to "Inside - Out", that is the refusal of formalisms and labelling in music as well as in culture and everyday life.

    The Furclap cultural association was founded in 1996, but everything has changed since 1998. Ours is a beautiful story marked by some particularly significant events.

    1998: the musical groups Strepitz and Grop Tradizional Furlan were born

    The newspapers of the time wrote that "from the ashes of Furclap was born Strepitz". The statement was not entirely wrong because Giovanni Floreani still had Furclap sounds in his head when he called the musicians (Gianfranco Lugano, Ermes Ghirardini, Paolo Viezzi and Lorenzo Marcolina) to found the new band. However, Strepitz soon took other directions: experimentation, music workshops, international collaborations and expanded projects. 

    The love for traditional music continued and with the "Grop" began an adventure that still survives today. Hundreds of concerts in Italy, Europe, Africa, Latin America and two historical CDs: "A Voli" in 1999 and "Chel c'al è al è" in 2019.

    The Caravan of jugglers, waders and fire-breathers has become one of the main activities of the association.

    The Karabowskji Brothers' Little Circus is born. (one of the flagship animations of the Furclap association in those years).

    The cheerful saraband was one of the main animations of the Furclap association in those years. It proposed amazing numbers and subjects: the strongest man in the world, ferocious animals, the over 100-year-old grandmother of the Karabowskji brothers, acrobats, fakirs and fire-breathers. All wonderfully and ironically fake.

    During these years the Furclap association has implemented the Christmas animations by organizing a group of bagpipes players. Even today Furclap's bagpipes still represent a guarantee of quality for Christmas related events. We have a lot of passion in proposing the typical melodies of our territory as well as quality costumes, a traditional repertoire and instruments made by professional luthiers.

    Trio Cornamuse
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    The new millennium has also brought with it important goals and great collaborations. Thanks to ArtSpace (a Venetian association led by Gabriella Cardazzo with whom we collaborate) we have started artistic activities at an international level.

    Later in this period Giovanni Floreani met Brian Eno, Richard Demarco (who introduced us to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh) and Alberto Madricardo (a philosopher from Venice who has become one of the most significant resources for the project elaborations). The first performances, theatrical experimentations, reflective spaces and symposia were also born. The season of great projects began. 

    Canto Spontaneo, an ancient passion of Giovanni Floreani and Novella Del Fabbro, became a festival in 2008. It took its first steps in Gjviano (Rigolato) where a "spontaneous" group of singers began to sing as early as the 1970s under the direction of Don Gilberto Pressacco. The expression “canto spontaneo” refers to an ancient chant of liturgical origin.

    But they were only signs, the best was yet to come.
    The scent of FRANTUMAZIONE ("shattering") could already be felt.