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2009, Shattering

    Our current world has accustomed us to assuming and assimilating everything with an alarming ease and an indescribable speed. This is one aspect of globalization that affects everyone.

    Consumption has become the worst deleterious virus of all time.

    Man deludes himself that he can unite wealth and sustainability through evolved forms of social organization, being aware of the technological knowledge developed especially in the second half of the last century.

    Nothing could be more dangerous! The constant shattering that invades our time and space is like a passing solution that inevitably turns into an accumulation of problems, it becomes an element of oppression.

    "Shattering" represents an apparently disintegrating, destructive and modifying action, but it also takes on characteristics opposite to its nature: it shatters by adding where there is already too much.

    The paradox of our time is that we all live within shattering. None of us can escape the act of "adding" anymore.

    Everything that is born to make man's life more comfortable and comfortable is essentially an "extension" of man himself. Today it is possessed by the need to possess. Therefore it is shattered to offer man an alternative to Spirituality, to multiply, to fill, to add, to put back into circulation with different but equal shapes, colours and sounds.

    Those who use art to express their reflections are obliged to document, to photograph and fix this evolution, but without offering solutions or attributing responsibility. It is a simple furtive glance at one of those moments when the shattering has given space for reflection.