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2020, Pandemia

    2020 begins with great prospects but, at the end of February, the Covid 19 pandemic bursts unexpectedly and effectively blocks all initiatives. The collaboration with the association Musicologi produces in January a very interesting event destined to open an exhibition dedicated tothe "informal" learning of music. Not only the technique but above all the communication,the empathy,the emotion that music is able to stimulate. Paolo Simonazzi, luthier and musician from Reggio Emilia, opens the review with a lesson - concert dedicated to the hurdy-gurdy, an instrument of ancient medieval origins which nevertheless is capable of supporting contemporary musical environments.

    If initially the pandemic caught us unprepared, already in March Furclap planned a series of interventions in order to modify the expressive methodologies and adapt to the new situation. Many things will change from now on and the forced slowdown in business offers us the opportunity to experiment with new representative formulas (video, streaming, webinar) which, in the near future, will find complementarity with traditional ones.

    Destroy Venice

    There are many initiatives carried out, despite the restrictions and probably the most representative is DESTROY VENICE, a survey on the city as a social place. The city analyzed in Venice, the “non-city” par excellence. A textual elaboration of the philosopher Alberto Madricardo supported by the rarefied music of Giovanni Floreani and Marian Mentrup. Reflections that Covid 19 has forcibly brought to the fore. Everything must be rethought if we want to save the planet and our balance. Furclap anticipates an in-depth study (which will be resumed in 2021) through various initiatives: La libertà e il sacro, Canto Spontaneo 13, Flow pianeta blu, Frantumazione ...