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The origins

    Social unrest began in Friuli-Venezia Giulia after the 1976 earthquake, giving rise to associations, cooperatives and youth clubs.

    The origins of Furclap belong to the events, revolutions and dreams of that period. At that time Folk music had conquered young audiences but soon, thanks to musical experimentations, original musical worlds developed. It was in this historical and cultural context that the musical group FURCLAP was born in July 1988.

    Its founders were:
    Giulio Venier - violin (he was the one who always led the group)
    Giovanni Floreani - guitar, bouzuki
    Juri Valvasori - guitar
    Nadia Franzolini - electric bass

    It was not a formal band. It was a group open to new experiences towards an innovative path that for a whole decade strongly influenced the Folk - Rock of the time. Musicians of all kinds were part of the group.

    Tullio Angelini -1989 – sax midi
    Franco Stocco – 1989 – batteria
    Paolo Manfrin – 1989 – basso elettrico
    Gianfranco Lugano – 1990 – tutto
    Emma Montanari – 1990 – voce, liron
    Stefano Coppetti – 1990 – chitarra
    Glauco Toniutti – 1990  – violino, voce, mandolino
    Massimo Nicoletti – 1990 – batteria
    Guido Carrara – 1991 – chitarra, voce
    Claudio Colaone – 1992 – sax
    Mauro Todero – 1993 –  chitarra 
    Lorenzo Del Mestre – 1993 – flicorno
    Lorenzo Bianchi – 1993 – basso elettrico
    Claudia Grimaz – 1993 – voce
    Giampietro Veronese  – 1993 – basso elettrico
    Paolo Viezzi – 1995 – basso elettrico
    Lorenzo Marcolina –  1995 – clarinetto, sax
    Lucia Clonfero – 1996 – violino
    Elisa D’Agostini -1996 – viola
    Martina Bertoni – 1996 – violoncello
    Mariarosa Pizzo – 1997 – voce
    Marisa Scuntaro – 1997 – voce

    September 1988, first formation (from left Giulio, Nadia, Juri, Vanni). Photo by Vittorio Sgoifo.

    Furclap's last concert took place in the court of the Colonos in Villacaccia di Lestizza (UD) in August 1998. For the occasion FLK Mussels, Lino Straulino, Sumo and Link also played. The animators of the Furclap "Caravan" gave life to wonderful choreographies through performances with fire, stilts, juggling and dance movements.

    Furclap Live 1998

    The group that someone called the "Fairport Convention of Friuli" broke up. Of Furclap there remain 2 cassettes (Furclap Live and 4 carantans 4) and the CD “Strepits”. Almost unobtainable productions that made a part of Friulian Folk - Rock history in the 90s. From that concert begins the long history of the Furclap cultural association founded in October 1996 ...