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Storyboard in progress

...a book that you can browse at your leisure in which you could find stories, quotations and curiosities.
A story that began in 1996 and will continue until there is at least one "furclap" to tell it.

The origins

Social unrest began in Friuli-Venezia Giulia after the 1976 earthquake, giving rise to...

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1996 – 2008

FURCLAP is an archaic word of Carnic origin. Literally it means "out of stone" but it was used to indicate intentional or accidental trespassing from...

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2009, Shattering

Our current world has accustomed us to assuming and assimilating everything with an alarming ease and an indescribable speed...

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2014, Relationality

The Canto Spontaneo Festival proposes a theme at each edition and the one chosen for 2014 was “Relationality”...

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2015, Voice

In 2015 the Spontaneous Singing Festival dedicated all its events to the theme of the Voice. Alberto Madricardo explained its meaning during...

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2016, The eighth rhyme

We hosted David Riondino in Friuli in 2016. He became a television personality after participating in Maurizio Costanzo's show in the 90s...

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2017, Disobedience

Disobedience was the word chosen for the 2017 festival following an internship project at the "Malignani" school in Udine...

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2018, Silk road

2018 was the year of internationalisation. It all began with the SILK ROAD project thanks to Latif Bolat, an artist and scholar of Middle Eastern culture...

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Il 2020 inizia con grandi prospettive ma, a fine febbraio, la pandemia Covid 19 irrompe inaspettatamente e blocca di fatto,...

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