XIV Canto Spontaneo

    For the second time Region administration of Friuli Venezia Giulia denied funding to the Festival which has reach the 14 edition.
    That forces us to organize a very small version, we don’t understand the reasons why an exhibition, unique of its kind, was in fact excluded.

    However, we wish to launch an appeal to all those who care about maintaining an event that not only supports and disseminates an ancient folk singing practice, but tries to contextualize it by favoring experiments that, over the years, have reached commendable levels. Canto Spontaneo managed to relate the archaic patriarchine liturgical sounds with Pop, Rock and the experimental avant-gardes. Of course, it is not a simple "live entertainment”. It’s an event which is important for cultural growth.

    All those who want to be present, come to GIVIGLIANA di RIGOLATO (Upper Val Degano - Friuli) SUNDAY 3 OCTOBER 2021.

    At 10 we will start as usual with the procession of the CROSS OF LORENA (a few hundred steps, from the square to the small church of San Pietro). Those who wish can participate in the Mass in their mother tongue and patriarchy songs.

    At the end, the 14th edition of the Festival will begin and it will be truly Spontaneous. Anyone can sing and play.
    It will be sufficient to send the adhesion to the email in time info@furclap.it. We will not be able to refund travel expenses or artistic fees but we will be happy to offer wine, polenta and salami to friends who want to be there.

    "A people is still alive as long as it continues to sing" (Father Davide Maria Turoldo)